No One Does Home Like Mississippians

Southerners are great storytellers. We pass this ability down through generations the same way we do recipes. The punch-line, the characters, the pregnant pauses; we have our stories rehearsed and memorized in case we need to tell them to pass the time in the suffocating summers or recall loved ones who’ve gone before us.


One of my favorite ways we Mississippians tell stories is with our homes. Whether or not we realize it, the story we tell with our homes is our favorite one to tell. The picture of your husband’s grandmother in her garden, the handprints of your daughter’s Easter project, the books that you’ve collected since college—all of these items hold meaning to you and to who you are.


One of our most beloved moments at Stages Mississippi is when we are interviewing homeowners and they start to tell us how they acquired a certain piece of art or furniture. Their eyes light up as they explain the journey of an heirloom, bouncing from cousin to cousin until it finally found a home with them. Our homes are beautiful and they are all worthy of the stories they tell.


Stages Mississippi encourages you to tell your authentic story. If your home is all white, perfectly styled and layered or if it’s colorful with family relics and hand-me-downs—it is your story. No one does home like Mississippians, and that is why we want to share your stories.