The Second Act


Have you noticed the movement of revitalization currently pulsing throughout Mississippi? What was once old is being made new, what was once forgotten is now being showcased with pride, and a state that has been written-off is now getting national attention for all the right reasons!


This surge of comebacks in the state of Mississippi is one of passion and vision. With shows like HGTV’s Home Town based in Laurel, MS—Mississippians and neighbors alike are looking around and seeing the beauty of the stagnant around them.

Old buildings and homes are experiencing their second act with the help of innovators around the state. Much like this loft that is located in downtown Brandon, MS; what was once a forgotten piece of history is now a thriving restaurant, loft, and bakery.

The sleek kitchen and airy bedroom were once stuffy offices and attics. All across the beautiful state of Mississippi we are being encouraged to look around us and get inspired when we envision the possibilities.

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